Jayden Enterprises Pty Ltd

Jayden Enterprises Pty Ltd is committed to operating in a safe, healthy and ethical manner. Our integrated quality, safety and environmental management system and policies are comprehensive and adhered to by all individuals throughout the organization. The wellbeing of our people, suppliers and customer is our number one priority.


Health & Safety Policy

Jayden Enterprises is committed to operating in a safe, healthy and ethical manner. We acknowledge health and safety is a critical and integral component of quality work, good business and great management. 


The wellbeing of our people, suppliers and customers is our top priority. Moreover, it is the right of all employees, contractors and visitors to work in an environment that is safe and without risk to their health. We promote safety as a value, to ensure that the highest level of hazard and risk management is applied to all our work. 


We endeavour to maintain a positive safety culture by continuously improving our resource and training program, viewing this as an investment in the success of our operations. Jayden Enterprises Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring that its operations are carried out in a manner that does not compromise the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers or the wider community.


Jayden Enterprises is also CM3 certified and all of our employees hold Blue Card Service certificates.

  • To be an Industry leader in workplace health and safety.

  • To give Occupational Health and Safety management equal status with other management functions

  • To provide training, supervision, safe working practices and facilities necessary to ensure hazards are continuously identified, assessed and controlled to improve workplace conditions.

  • To promote a pro-active approach to health and safety, to consult with and encourage all personnel to participate actively in the development of Occupation Health and Safety programs

  • To ensure that no work starts without confirmation that essential safety systems are in place and that if safety would be compromised operations are to be suspended.


Our Committment:

Implementation and continuous improvement of this policy will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring all levels of management and employees understand and accept their health and safety responsibilities and are accountable for those matters within their control.

  • Collectively supporting and participating in the promotion of the active safety management systems, which strive for continual improvement through audit and evaluation programs.

  • Ensuring compliance with the applicable Health and Safety Acts, Regulations and Codes.

  • Implementing risk management techniques to identify, assess, monitor and control workplace risks and hazards.

  • Committing sufficient resources for the effective implementation of safety management system in all areas of operation.

  • Ensuring all personnel are suitably skilled to undertake the duties for which they are employed, in a safe productive manner.

  • Maintaining a program of education and training to enhance skills and increase safety awareness.

  • Promptly reporting and investigating all incidents and accidents or hazardous conditions and applying appropriate corrective action.

  • Provide an effective system for the rehabilitation of injured employees.

  • Our goal to provide safe and healthy workplaces will be the result of diligent application and the acceptance of shared responsibilities by the company and its employees.