18 March 2020

Dear Valued Client and Jayden Workers,

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update
Jayden Enterprises is continually monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation and responding to the advice and direction provided by the Australian Government Department of Health and State and Territory Departments of Health.
A Toolbox Meeting was held Tuesday 17th March 2020 with all employees and staff regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The following minimum controls were agreed between those in attendance and are to be implemented IMMEDIATELY. This is to ensure the safety of our employees, staff, clients and our community to enable us to continue providing our services during this difficult time


All supervisors scheduling works must contact the property contact advising we will be attending however given the current situation regarding COVID-19 our Tradesman have been instructed to wear a mask and gloves whilst in the property carrying out the repairs. Supervisor are to confirm they have not travelled overseas or been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days. If someone at the property has travelled or been in contact with someone that has tested positive to COVID-19, the supervisor will discuss further with management to determine if work will be carried out.

Arrival on site
1. Prior to approaching the customers door, Jayden Enterprises service personnel are to place on their mask and gloves.
2. Access the property and carry out risk assessments.
3. Complete the works required.
4. Clean and tidy up and wipe down the area worked in with disinfectant.
5. After completion the service person shall wipe down all tools and equipment with disinfectant.
6. Wipe gloves with alcohol wipes and disposed of in a disposable plastic bag,
7. Wipe mask with alcohol wipes and place in its storage container.
8. Hands will then be washed thoroughly with disinfectant.
9. At the end of the day, the disposable bag containing the gloves shall be disposed of in an appropriate manner.
NOTE: This does not apply if not working with in the dwelling such as fencing roofing concreting and the like where not in direct contact with the client or tenant, unless the service personnel feel it necessary for either themselves or the client/ tenant.

Over the coming days our work load will be sent to field staff electronically to complete and return as per our procedures.

Quotes and Investigations
Site visits for proposals and/or investigations; reports are to be kept to the minimum by way of requesting pictures; video calls and the like. If a site meeting is required the same procedure shall apply for ‘’Arrival to site’’.

Picking up Supplies
When picking up supplies from suppliers/ work shop ensure personal space for up to 1.5 meters is maintained. Also maintain cleanliness such as disinfecting hands when returning to vehicle. Always keep your hands away from your face and mouth prior to disinfecting.

Over the cause of the next few weeks Jayden Enterprises will endeavour to precure P2 disposable mask if possible, at which stage these can be used in leu of reusable (fit test mask).

These procedures will be maintained up until further notice. We hope vigilance is maintained to help Jayden Enterprises assist our employees, staff, clients and community in these uncertain times
In the scenario where employees, staff or clients fall ill, I ask that you report this to myself as soon as possible. Those who fall ill are required to follow government protocols around self-isolation. Refer to “More information” where you will be able to find details on what is required. In this situation, if you are unable to carry out your normal duties, employee and staff will be asked to take sick leave, annual leave or unpaid leave.

Please also find our Working In And Around COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Safe Work Procedure

Our staff have completed the Australian Government Covid-19 Infection Control Training for frontline workers.

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